What’s it about?

NORTHSTARR is an 88-page graphic novel starring two oddball mercenaries who are recruited to a special task force by a division of the government. Their mission?

To take down an opposing hostile movement, the TRF, which is rapidly moving through space, leaving behind destruction and desolation. This unconventional and emotional story explores the themes of future life in space and how people will always be at war.

It will make its readers both celebrate the oddballs of society and question what exactly makes a hero.

From drinking in sleazy bars in Mexico to fighting in the sleek halls of the TRF space station, Northstarr Acquisition will take you on a thrilling adventure from beginning to end.

About the Creative Team

Northstarr Acquisition was written by Madelaine Salvage and Robert Getty, two up and coming writers based near London. Both have been lovers of comic books and the creative arts since they can remember. The duo decided to take on the project and enlisted the help of Amrit Birdi and his team to bring Northstarr Acquisition to life.

Amrit Birdi is a No. 1 Times Best-Selling Comic Book Illustrator, full-time artist and Creative Director of London-based illustration studio Amrit Birdi & Co. Amrit is best known for illustrating the best-selling Username: Series (Hachette) by Joe Sugg and Assassins Creed alternate cover art (Titan Comics).

Joaquin Pereyra (colourist) and Mindy Lopkin (letterer) are long standing partners of Amrit’s and are key to making Northstarr Acquisition the beautiful illustrated story it is now.